How To Get Exo Suit In Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Mode

Acquiring the Exo Suit is of the utmost importance in the Exo Zombies co-op mode in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare since its boost abilities can come in real handy to avoid damage from zombies, reach new areas and kill targets quickly.

When the players first spawn, they will be regular soldiers and they have to actually acquire the exo suit which is why it should be the top priority, even before better weapons.

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How To Get Exo Suit In Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies

In this guide, we will show you how to quickly reach the exo room and unlock the exo suit and if you are playing as a group, how to even get an achievement upon unlocking it.

As soon as players spawn, they need to turn left (the first door on the left, not the one with power lines leading inside it) and open the door to the main hub.

Once inside the hub, there is a door on the right which opens up the Hallway A. This is the door that needs to be unlocked first. As players proceed through the hallway, they will come up on a small blue colored tunnel on the left.

The tunnel will lead players into another area with stairs going up from the right side. There would be another door at the end of the stairs which the players need to open to proceed. Passing through this door, Exo Room signs can be seen on the walls pointing to the direction.

The last door to the Exo Room is inside the Morgue and requires 1250 Credits to open. Passing through this door, players can drop down, take a 180 degree turn and activate the control panel which will unlock the Exo Suits in the center of the room.

To get an achievement for unlocking these suits, players need to make sure they don’t spend Credits on anything, not even opening doors.

That’s why playing as a group is required here since if one team member opens the door, it remains open for everyone so the person who needs the achievement doesn’t need to spend their Credits and the teammates can open doors.

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