Evolve’s New Trailer Shows off Single-Player Action

A rather lengthy trailer released today by 2K Games for Evolve shows off the game’s single-player component in action.

So far the game has only been in the news concerning its multiplayer portion, where four hunters are dropped into a terrain in pursuit of a monster (also player-controlled). This video attempts at putting to rest any fears or questions that players might have about the single-player mode.

The video features two matches of Defend mode played from both the Hunter and Monster perspective. When playing solo, players will be able to switch between classes instantly and on the fly, even between battles.

Furthermore, you can checkout customization options for game types, AI, and more. Know that all content in the game can be played online or offline. There’s no mandatory internet connection required for continuous play.

Earlier today, developer Turtle Rock Studios addressed growing concerns that the game was not entirely balanced between the monsters and hunters. Some players who had taken part in the recent open beta on the Xbox One felt that hunters specifically were more powerful than the monster.

Co-founder Chris Ashton posted a lengthy explanation on official website, assuring fans that the game was balanced.

He cited statistical figures gathered from the beta, revealing that Hunters have only won just over 50 percent of the total games played in the beta.

Evolve is due for release on February 10 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.