Elite: Dangerous Patch 1.07 is Now Available, Brings Several Fixes and Changes

The latest patch update for Elite: Dangerous has gone live for the players, and it has brought with it a few new changes and fixes to make the gameplay a bit smoother.

First, there’s a crash fix that will allow players with low-end graphics chipsets to play the game without facing any issues. Furthermore, the duplicating of cargo that a lot of players were doing, has been blocked.

The daily maintenance for Elite: Dangerous was quite annoying for the players, and due to this reason, the developers have revealed that it will now take place once a week.

The patch will also improve the matchmaking and private groups when players are trying to join in at the busier times. You can check out the full patch notes for this update posted below:

Client Changes:

– Crash fix for low end onboard graphics chipsets

– Block method for duplicating cargo

– Further death related telemetry

– Additional file telemetry for resource loading failure

Server Changes:

– The daily maintenance period is now weekly, the galaxy servers will be unavailable at 0700 UTC on Thursday mornings

– Improve private groups and matchmaking at busier playing times

– Fixed a rare cause of Commanders being unable to load into the game

Despite bringing a number of changes to Elite: Dangerous, this update will just take about 22 MB of your hard disk space.

For more information on the game, visit its official website.

Source: Frontier Forums