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Blizzard Teases New World of Warcraft Mount on Twitter

Blizzard has shared a picture of what seems to be a new mount for World of Warcraft on their twitter, with ‘Coming Soon’ written on the side, and the well-known WoW logo sitting on the bottom right corner.

The mount is a purple Lion of some sort, with cool dark steel armor and glowing eyes. The mount will probably be made available on the online store, especially since it is being advertised before its release.

It is also possible that the mount is released alongside additional content for Heroes of the Storm. The color of the mount seems to coincide with the MOBA’s theme, or maybe that’s just a mere coincidence.

Either way, the fact that it has been teased seems to show that Blizzard has it set up and ready for release, in which case you WoW lovers ought to keep your eyes peeled in the coming days. After all, you probably want to be the first one showing off your purple kitty to all the other fellow players.