Xenoblade Chronicles X: Details on the Eight Unions Revealed

The latest edition of Famitsu has revealed new details about Xenoblade Chronicles X regarding the size of the world, the eight unions players will be able to join, and more.

At the start of the game, players will meet up with private military organization Blade and choose one of the eight available unions. Each comes with its own objects and quests. Players will still be able to join a different union later, if they feel that the current one is not to their taste.

The eight unions are:

  • Pathfinder – In charge of data probe installation.
  • Interceptor – In charge of exterminating protists.
  • Avalanche – In charge of hunting down dangerous life forms.
  • Testament – In charge of the search and recovery of debris scattered by the ship, as well as the recovery of items lost on the battlefield.
  • Corepedian – In charge of visiting areas and investigation/collecting materials.
  • Land Bank – In charge of securing resources and collecting minerals.
  • Arms – Assists the Arms Company in charge of the development of Dolls and their inner weaponry.
  • Companion – A Jack of all trades, from the mediation of petty fights to the search of stray cats.

The size of the world is going to be five times to that of the previous game and will be seamless with no reload times between entering new regions. However, there will be loading times during event scenes.

The entire map will show up on the Wii U GamePad, where each area will be indicated by a hex symbol. Players can interact with each of them to initiate features like quick travel or check for events.

Parties will consist of a maximum of four people – the player and three AI companions. There will be no character exclusively dedicated to the healing class. During battles, attacks can be switched between short and long ranges on the fly, making it a quicker experience compared to previous titles.

“Soul Voice” is a system that can be triggered in reaction to party members that are able to string their attacks well. With well-timed button presses, HP can be healed, making it possible to continuously heal while attacking.

The game will feature over ninety songs, all of which have been done by Hiroyuki Sawano. Currently the total gameplay time is said to exceed 300 hours.

Via Gematsu