Wii U Sales Go Past 9 Million, 3DS at 50.41 as Revealed by Nintendo Financials

After almost 2.5 years in the market, Nintendo’s Wii U gaming console has managed to sell 9.2 million units around the globe. Nintendo revealed the news as part of their financial performance details for the first 9 month of FY 2014.

In addition to the lifetime sales of Wii U, the company revealed that the popular Nintendo 3DS is the handheld market leader, with over 50 million units sold to date. That’s 50.41 to be precise!

The first 9 months of FY 2014 ended on December  31,2014. During this time, Nintendo sold 7.08 million 3DS systems. However, the company failed to mention how many Wii U units were sold during the same period.

Software sales were also shared which revealed that Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire outsold Super Smash Bros on 3DS. Both games sold 9.35 million and 6.19 million respectively.

Impressively, during the first nine months, overall software sales crossed 50 million on 3DS. While lifetime software sales stand at 215.96 million units.

Where 3DS software sales are encouraging for the first and third party publishers, Wii U lifetime software sales are an area of concern for Nintendo. Since release, the console could only manage 50.81 million units sold.

Relatively inferior Wii U hardware and software sales is the main reason massive games like Battlefield, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed along with new big budget IPs are not being released on Wii U.

The console has potential and I hope more people will give it a chance. With that said, Nintendo will also have to make alterations to its business strategy and figure out how to attract and appeal to a wider audience.