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Square Enix Teases Project Code Z, Announcement Coming on Saturday

Square Enix, famous for its work on Final Fantasy games has launched a new website to tease a new game. The title will be exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation 4 and is going to be announced on Saturday January 31.

If you visit the website, you’ll see a massive “Project Code Z” written on the main (and only) page. At the bottom left corner, there is a PS4 logo and you’ll find no mention of any other platforms. That’s what indicates that this title is a PS4 exclusive.

Coming back to the “Z” in question, it’s a see through and shows a handful of locations behind it. One of them in an image of a jungle while others look to me like caves or dungeons. It’s quite possible that this will be a JRPG.

However, Square Enix plans to share more at the Tokaigi Japan Game Party 2015. Project Code Z may probably be just a temporary name for the project, and it’s possible the game might be of a different name when revealed. On Saturday, we can expect to see a teaser trailer and if we’re lucky, the company will reveal a release date as well.

Hopefully, this won’t just be a Japan only game which it seems like. Japanese games have a huge following in the west. Unfortunately, fans are often left disappointed when amazing JP titles are exclusive to the region.

As soon as more news comes our way, we’ll let you know of the developments. Till then, feel free to speculate in the comments below.