PS Vita Maps, YouTube Apps To Be Removed For No Apparent Reason

PS Vita has been quite popular among the users, not just because of its games but also due to the apps and features that are a part of it.

However, Sony has announced that it is planning to remove a couple of apps from the handheld altogether.

Firstly, Maps will be removed from PS Vita. This will happen automatically when the March firmware patch has been deployed. After the removal, Near will be unable to provide the users with locations or even display any new maps, rendering it useless.

Secondly, it is YouTube app that will be removed from the handheld. The support for the app will come to an end fully on April 20. Of course this only applies to the users who are already using the app. Those users who don’t have the app right now will simply not be able to download it as it has been removed as of today.

However, interested PS Vita users can still watch YouTube videos using the browser. Sony has released a FAQ regarding both Maps/Near and YouTube changes, which you can check out here and here.

No reason has been provided by Sony on why these apps have been removed. Hopefully, we will get clarification in the coming days.