PlayStation Plus Trailer Shows Off PS4 Share Play and More

There are numerous things that Sony is counting on when it comes to the sales of PlayStation 4; and they make sure that each one of them is substantially advertised.

Now it has been over a year since PlayStation 4 launched and it has been a while since PlayStation Plus has been flaunting some of its new offerings, but Sony found the need to share a brand new trailer just the same.

In the video above, you see some of the more poplar features at action like Share Play on the PlayStation 4 as well as other features that the PlayStation Plus has been offering for a while now.

Titled “where the players are,” the trailer boasts of the “largest next gen community of players” who enjoy the online multiplayer modes on the console and experience “a new era of warfare with friends.”

Other features that it talks about include exclusive cloud storage, discounts, Share Play and more. The price offered is 5.49 pounds a month or 39.99 pounds a year.

There really wasn’t anything new in there but if there still are people out the who are waiting to buy a new console, this trailer was aimed right at them.

Which ones of the PlayStation Plus features are you the most fond of?