Overwatch Devs are Looking for a Lead 3D Character Artist

Overwatch made a lot of ripples with its announcement in November 2014, it is not every day that Blizzard announces a new IP right?

We now have some more information regarding the future of the game and the already impressive character lineup that it has. The developers are going to invest heavily in making new characters as they are already looking to hire lead 3D character artist, what happened to the last one?

The Official job description as found here explains how they need someone with a veteran experience to guide the team of developers in making new characters for Overwatch:

As lead character artist you are an unstoppable combination of visionary artist, gamer, and leader. As an artist, you’ll collaborate closely with the art director to define the vision for both character design and organic modeling. As a gamer, you’ll be part of a team of designers, engineers, and artists whose singular goal is to create truly epic moments. Lastly, you’ll draw on your veteran experience to guide a team of the most talented artists in the industry in creating a legion of characters to inhabit this new and exciting world.

So yes, a lot of other iconic characters are coming to stand side by side with the likes of Raynor, Tyrael, Arthas, and Kerrigan.

There is an extensive list of requirements that you will need to fulfil in order to be eligible for the post though. For instance they want a five years experience and specialization in Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush, or Mudbox. Also, they want people who have shipped AAA PC games working as a lead artist before.

If you think you are up to scratch for this, read up on the complete job listing and apply.

Only recently, a rather surprising news brought up the name of Overwatch again; it was revealed that the trademark that Blizzard filed for the name of the game had been suspended due to a clash between a mobile game’s trademark registration.