Need for Speed 2015 Discussed by EA, Looks Spectacular

EA had never skipped releasing a Need for Speed game since 12 years but it happened for the first time in 2014. No NFS was released, but it looks like the developers and the publishers had good reason for that.

Only recently, Electronic Arts shared had their earnings call for the third quarter of FY2015. A lot of information was shared regarding the performance of the company and the upward looking share price but long with that some thoughts were also shared regarding Need for Speed 2015.

Andrew Wilson the chief executive officer of Electronic Arts talked to the stakeholders regarding their future plans as well as the development of the game – among other things. Here’s what he said about the state that Need for Speed 2015 was in:

Our Need for Speed franchise will return in FY ’16 with a game that is already looking spectacular.

That is supposed to mean that Ghost Games had done a lot of work on it already, right?

While the developers have not shared any details regarding the release schedule of the game, it is after all the 2015 entry so it should be out before the end of the year. However, do consider how Wilson didn’t say that it will be releasing in 2015 but FY2016 – which ends three months into 2016.

Whenever they release it, lets hope that they fulfil the promise they made when saying that they had “planned an extended development window to ensure we’re delivering a high-quality experience.”

How did you like Need for Speed Rivals? Do you think the police against the mob is a good combination for the franchise to look forward to?

Also, what would you like to see in Need for Speed 2015?