Gundam Online Closed Beta Kicks off in China, 52v52 Combat Included

Fans of the series will be glad to know what Gundam Online has entered the closed beta testing phase as of today.

However, the beta is restricted to the Chinese region – so all of you who are not in China are going to have to just rely on us for details on it.

In case you don’t know what the game is about, Gundam Online is an anime based third person shooter that features story as well as characters based on the series. It is supposed to give a blend of the Gundam series with the famed gaming genre that shooter games bring us.

The beta is going to pit as many as 104 players together in 52v52 matches where a Commander System will be in place to make it easier to govern the match. Under this system, each team will be allowed to choose one player as a commander and the instructions will flow from that player to the rest.

With roles like a Shock worker, Sniper or a Commander you will be able to go full metal in panoramic maps that feature cliffs, deserts and undersea environments in a multidimensional setting. Drive Gundam wherever you want!

Check out the official closed beta testing phase trailer and tell us how many of you are interested in trying out Gundam Online?