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Evolve Will Have Parity Across All Platforms, Says Producer

Back when the PS3 came out, fans believed that developers are not using the true potential of its hardware for the sake of visual parity. Same topic is discussed every now and then when it comes to third party multiplatform releases on PS4 and Xbox One.

Some fans believe that devs shouldn’t promote parity and should take full advantage of each console’s capabilities. The latest developer to choose parity across all platforms is Turtle Rock.

Speaking in an interview, producer Chloe Skew mentioned that Evolve will feature parity across all platforms, that includes PC.

Parity would have been OK if the game was only releasing on consoles as we are used to this, but surely this news will piss-off the PC gamers with high-end rigs.

But you know we do have parity between all three and I think that’s really helpful. You know it kind of silences that ‘Oh such and such is better’.” As for the Twitter wars about which is better, Skew said, “Yeah, nobody needs that. It’s better to talk about which characters you like more.

Chloe Skew also shared some thoughts regarding the console war and called it “tedious.”

But we want it to be an equivalent experience…console wars are so tedious. It’s like if you like that controller better, if you feel like that’s stronger than do what you want to do but we want to provide an equal experience for everyone.

On the topic of console war, I agree with Skew and In a way parity can end these debates of which system is better. It’s understandable when it comes to multiplatform games and if we wish to indulge in the power of a certain system, exclusives are always there to make us feel good.

Then again, that’s just my take on the situation. Evolve will ship on PS4, Xbox One and PC in February.