Escape Dead Island DLC: Underwater Labs Revealed, Achievements Listed

Whether you agree with the critics on their opinion about Escape Dead Island or not, the developers think that you should give it another go before you move on to any other game.

details of the the first downloadable content pack for the game have surfaced online, it is called Underwater Labs. While the only thing that has been revealed so far is list of new achievements that the DLC is going to bring, I am sure we will soon get more information on this.

As far as the list of new achievements is concerned, this is what you are going to get:

  • Deep One – Find all the underground secondary areas (25)
  • Lab Rat – Find the underground labs (25)
  • Praise The Light! – Complete the underground labs (50)
  • Lil Slugger – Acquire the walloper (10)
  • Duty Calls – Acquire the assault rifle (10)
  • Hail Mary – Kill 10 enemies at long range with the walloper (25)
  • Blaster From The Past – Kill 100 enemies with the assault rifle (25)
  • Memorial – Collect all of Ronald’s logs (25)
  • It’s Super Effective! – Kill a Dweller using an environmental hazard (25)
  • Apex Predator – Stealth kill a Dweller (25)

So far, we don’t know when the first DLC of Escape Dead Island will release and the price has also not been shared – although I seriously doubt the number of people who would want to pay for it.

Escape Dead Island was developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and it was released in the North American region on November 18. European Union and Australia followed on November 21 and November 28 respectively.

However, the game wasn’t appreciated as much as anyone would have wanted. Do you think that a new DLC is going to change that in any way?