Dying Light Side Quests Guide – Challenges Tips for Power, Survivor and Agility XP

While fighting zombies, jumping around Harran and doing the main story missions do award players with not only character experience but also agility and power, there are a lot of other opportunities in Dying Light for Crane to earn XP, money or even some items.

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Dying Light Side Quests

These activities are in the form of side quests; challenges or dynamic events spread throughout Harran. This guide will focus on the side quests and challenges and show players their locations as well as the best way to complete them.

A Baby is Born
Location: east side of the map, near the Overpass
Rewards: 5,000 Survivor XP

After completing the main mission, A Pact With Rais, players can take on this side quest provided by a guy named Macary in the Slums. As players go south from the Overpass, they will hear screams from inside a house.

That is the quest location and upon knocking, Macary will meet them and ask for some Alcohol to help his wife give birth. Macary sends the players on multiple runs for alcohol, always asking for more.

Alcohol can be easily found in the containers spread throughout the surrounding area. After the third time Macary orders players to bring alcohol, they can simply pick the lock on the door and enter to receive quest reward.

A Survivors Guide to Zombieland
Location: Neil in the Harbor Area
Rewards: 5,000 Survivor XP and $2,000

This mission also first requires the completion of A Pact with Rais main story mission. Neil, a journalist in the Harbor Area provides the mission. Players have to retrieve his interviews and footage of the zombie outbreak from a net café in the northern part of the map.

The area is filled with enemies so players need to be cautious and armed to the teeth It is, however, optional to fight most of the enemies as players can simply run past them to the café and enter the second floor from the back of the café.

Running into the café however can be dangerous as a Bomber waits near the entrance. Its best to first approach the Bomber and then quickly rush out while it’s about to explode. Once the bomber is dead, players can enter and loot the area for a Statue and some other notes, including the ones Neil needs.

The camera with the footage is a bit tricky though since it’s on an overpass which is crawling with zombies. If players have the Vault Agility skill, they can run along the overpass and jump over the heads of zombies.

Staying on cars and buses is also a viable option. A black car on the east side of the overpass contains the camera. The car is surrounded by zombies so Firecrackers really come in handy here to lure them away.

As players attempt to open the trunk, the car will fall down in the water, and they will have to dive in after it and retrieve the camera and return to Neil for the reward.

Location: Job Board in Harbor Area, east side of Slums
Rewards: 2,500 Survivor XP and $500

Sophia posts a request on the job board to collect Algae. Once players get the quest, the lake gets marked on the map which has the highest number of it. Players can go to the lake and harvest some herbs to complete the quest and earn XP.

Once they return to Sophia, she rewards them with the money.

On the Hooks
Location: Job Board in the Tower
Rewards: 1,000 Survivor XP

After completing A Pact With Rais, a messenger near the Job Board in the Tower will inform players of two men who work for an Iranian businessman. Players have to find and help them with their project.

The two men, Tolga and Fatin are in a gas station in the northern end of the Slums. They will mark some warehouses on the player’s map where the next objective will be located. Players have to go to the Train Yard and enter the main warehouse.

A train on the opposite end of the building will allow them to climb yellow colored bars and go up to the walkways which lead to the objective area of the warehouse. A couple of Biters and a heavy Goon guard the area and need to be killed before players can start looting.

Once all the enemies are dead, they can loot the chests and search for blueprints. The Hooks which the players have to acquire for Tolga, and Fatin are located inside breakable wooden crates on the other side of the room.

Once players have them, they can return to Tolga and Fatin for reward.

Assault and Batteries
This is a continuation of On the Hooks which players undertake for Tolga and Fatin. The will radio players to meet them near a bus depot in the northwest part of the map. Players have to collect three batteries from the buses there.

The yellow doors on the sides can be opened to get inside the vehicle, and the batteries are located near the steering wheel.

A lot of enemies are in the area, and it is easy to get cornered inside the bus which is why players should bring a lot of Firecrackers in order to avoid the fighting, or they can simply bring weapons and try to kill the enemies.

Once players have all three batteries, they can return to Tolga and Fatin for reward.

Bandages and Meds
Location: Job Board in the Tower
Reward: 2,500 Survivor XP and $1,500

This quest is available after completing Siblings and players have to look for three Syringes, Painkillers and Gauze after taking up the quest. These 3 can be found by scavenging the world, especially medicine cabinets or other such areas where medical equipment could be located.

Gauze is easily available from stores as well. Once players have all the items, they can take them to Toygar and receive their reward.

Being a Hero
Location: Ozan in Troy’s Tower, Old Town
Rewards: 2,500 Survivor XP (per completion) and Father’s Stash (weapons)

Ozan is at the upper catwalks of Troy’s tower and will reward players if he deems them worthy (win the races) A teddy bear near him can be used to start the challenge.

Players have to run through waypoints in Old Town in the given time. These challenges can be pretty difficult given the time constraint so players should learn Slide or Freerunning Mastery to make it easier.

The first race is pretty straight forward while the 2nd and 3rd one can be challenging since the distance between waypoints and buildings is pretty significant and running in streets will result in precious time being lost.

Location: Job Board in Harbor Area, eastern part of Slums
Rewards: 2,500 Survivor XP and $1,000

The fishermen of the area need binoculars and it’s up to the players to provide them. After taking up the quest from Job Board, players can climb the antenna on top of the hill that overlooks the harbor.

It’s easy to miss them so players should search each level of the antenna thoroughly. Once they have the binoculars (located about halfway up the antenna) players can return to the harbor and give the binoculars to Santiago for the reward.

Witch Queen
Location: safe zone, west of the Tower
Reward: 1,500 Survivor XP and Dahlia’s Cloak Potion blueprint

After killing their first Bolter, players can head over to the safe zone to the west of the Tower and take the quest from the Witch, players need to wait for evening and then head towards a cave to pick up the mushrooms.

The entrance to the cave is below the waterline in a drainage canal. Flares and UV Flashlight are extremely helpful in the cave. The Volatiles and Bolters in the cave should be killed first before harvesting the mushrooms.

Once the cave is clear, players can find the mushrooms by looking for the green glow. After looting the required amount of mushrooms, players can return to Dahlia the Witch for rewards.

Chasing Past
Location: Tariq at Old Town Safe Zone
Rewards: 10,000 Survivor XP and $2,000

This quest happens during The Museum mission. After getting the information from Tariq about the museum, players can talk to him again to get this quest and will have players searching for the brother of an orphan that Tariq found.

After taking the quest, players need to head towards the southwestern part of the city and look for a marked door. Upon entering through the door, players need to head upstairs and search the apartment on the right on the first floor.

Players will find a recording in there, after listening to which they need to go up another floor and search the apartment on the left. This apartment contains yet another recording, which leads them to the basement.

After listening to the recording in the basement, players need to head up to the 2nd floor and search Apartment 3. After listening to this recording, players need to head to the foyer, take the keys in there and head to the basement and open a door with those keys.

A man will attack the players and after killing him, they can return to Tariq, who will give them the location of a treasure underneath the Museum. Players need to swim under the lake in the south to find the tunnel that leads to this treasure.

Inside would be a room filled with jewels and weapons as a hard-earned reward.

Location: Job Board in the Tower
Rewards: 2,500 Survivor XP and $1,200

This quest appears after killing the first Bolter. The quest requires about 20x coffee, which is pretty easy to find around bars and shops as well as loot from dead bodies. Once players have enough, they can go to the Job Board and hand them over to Toygar, right next to the Job Board.

Crayon for the Kids
Location: Job Board at the Tower
Rewards: 2,500 Survivor XP and $1,200

Players have to head over to the school, on the right side of the map inside the industrial area and bring back five sets of crayons for the Tower kids. Players can go around the back of the school and climb the barricades to get inside.

If this is their first time in the school, players might need to talk to the guy guarding the door. Once players enter the area, three sets of crayons can be easily found on a table while the other two are in a short hallway.

Once players have all 5, they can return to the Tower and hand them over to Kate in room 204 for the rewards.

Do You Believe?
Location: Mufid, safe zone library on the west of Old Town
Rewards: 10,000 Survivor XP and $1,500

Mufid is standing by a window in the library. After talking to him, players have to head out and go to the northwestern corner of Old Town where music can be heard from an apartment on top of a building.

Players need to climb up and head inside where they will meet another guy named Ishaq. Ishaq needs Night Herbs, which grow near the northern banks. Players need to go there at night and collect six of the herbs and return to Ishaq.

Ranged weapon is useful here so players can take care of the enemies on the hill before harvesting the herbs. After taking the herbs to Ishaq, players have to put them in a brazier which ends this quest.

The Shadow of the King
Location: Ishaq, Old Town
Rewards: 7,500 Survivor XP

This quest starts automatically upon completion of Do You Believe? And players have to run across town to the southeast area and look for a hotel in the marked area. The hotel has glass doors and is by a blue address listing.

Once inside the hotel, players need to the climb the stairs on the right and enter Room 107 to search for a key card. Once they have the key card, they need to head downstairs and open the staff room across the stairs.

The staff room has another key card inside it for Room 206 which the players need to take and head over to the first floor, turn right and open the elevator.

The elevator shaft can be used to climb up to the second floor and enter a hallway, at the end of which is Room 206, though the number on the door makes it look like Room 209. Inside the room is a container with loot inside it.

Furthermore, on the small table nearby are Rais’ Notes. Once players are done with their search, they can leave the area.

Blocks for the Boy
Location: Magic Fortress Safe Zone
Rewards: 5,000 Survivor XP, 15,000 Survivor XP and then 10,000 Survivor XP + Angel Sword Blueprint

Kadim in Magic Fortress Safe Zone, on the eastern side of the map offers this quest. Players have to find Blocks which the boy dropped while exploring the lower levels of the building. The blocks are located:

  • On the stairway leading down from Kadim’s floor
  • Three on landing below the stairs leading from Kadim’s floor
  • Four more, one level below. Three in a box while another on the floor nearby

After taking the blocks back to Kadim, players will receive their rewards, and the next quest opens up.

Dungeon and Troll
After completing the above mentioned quest, players can talk to Rupert in the same building.

Rupert will give them a key and then players have to return to the basement and unlock a door. Passing through the door, players have to turn off a switch on the left to disable an electric trap which makes navigation through the area easier.

Players will encounter Rupert’s wife (a zombie) in the locked room and will have to kill her and open a locked chest and then return to Rupert to finish the quest. Before players can, however, leave the area after talking to Rupert, another quest appears, given by a little girl.

Players need to head out of the safe zone and look for the Troll that the girl heard out there. Outside the safe zone, a couple of Biters and a Goon will be standing in a yard. Players need to kill the Goon first while avoiding the Biters.

Once they are all dead, a Demolisher appears to fight the players. Dodging is really important in this fight since it not only helps players survive the attacks but also allow them to damage the Demolisher with rear attacks.

Once the Demolisher is dead, players can meet Rupert at his workshop to receive the Angel Sword blueprint.

Dying Lunch
Location: Irwin, second last safe zone in the upper right area of Slums
Rewards: 2,5000 Power XP and $500

The challenge begins on top of a small building to the southwest where Irwin, a movie director tasks players with killing 40 zombies within the time limit.

The double-barreled shotgun for this challenge deals a lot of damage so aiming for headshots is pointless and only wastes time since even shooting an infected in the chest will also kill them.

Strafing and dodging is highly useful as players huddle the infected into groups to make sure more than one infected dies with one shot. Once this challenge is complete, players can return later for another one.

The second challenge requires them to kill 60 infected with a machine gun. Head shots are useful here as well as firing in bursts for accuracy.

The third challenge is a head shot challenge, and players must get 30 of them within the specified time. Thankfully, headshots don’t really have to kill in this challenge so players can easily land 10 headshots on each of the two Goons to increase the score quickly.

Electronic Parts
Location: Job Board
Rewards: 2,500 Survivor XP and Electrician Blueprint

This quest becomes available at Job Boards after killing the first Bolter. Toygar needs five sets of Electronic Parts. While they are rare, if players regularly open locked chests, they will be able to collect 5 pretty easily.

Family Doctor
Location: Victor in the Harbor Area
Rewards: #3,750

Players can start this challenge by talking to Victor and interacting with his medical bag in the Harbor area after completing A Pact with Rais. They need to deliver four sets of supplies throughout Slums without using the Grappling Hook.

To avoid wasting precious time, players need to move slightly to the left as they approach the first waypoint. Crossing this waypoint, they can run straight ahead to waypoint 2 and then take a hard right turn towards waypoint 3.

Waypoint 4 is a straight run from waypoint 3 so it should be easy to reach. Once players finish the first race, they can talk to Victor again for another race, with more objectives this time.

Since the timer is pretty lenient in these races, it’s easy to do them even if the player makes some mistake. Surviving the Bombers or Virals is what requires focus here.

Fan Zone
Location: eastern side of Old Town after completing Higher Education
Rewards: 10,000 Survivor XP and $1,500

After completing Higher Education, players will hear a message while in Old Town, if they are near the quest starting area.

The closer they get to the source, the clearer it becomes until the quest automatically starts. A barricade is present near the center of the quest area, but players can jump past it to go inside.

An elevator on the main floor can be called down and used to go up and search the floor for answers as to the source of the sound. A conference room on this floor will have a Staff Card, a pistol and plenty of ammo.

The card can be used to open up a recording room in the corner of the building. Once inside, players need to look for a computer room, turn off the computer and then return to the elevator.

As players try to use the elevator, it gets stuck, and they have to climb through the elevator shaft and crawl through the vents to reach the floor where the computer was located. An enemy will attack the players and its best to take him down with a ranged weapon (the pistol).

Once the guy is dead, players need to turn the power back on and then use the elevator to return to the ground floor to complete the quest.

Location: Safe zone in the southwest
Rewards: 5,000 Survivor XP and 10x Flares

Players have to start this quest by talking to Zaid in the safe zone. He needs supplies from a hangar in the north. A grappling hook is really useful here to get to the roof of the hangar and then drop down from there.

If, however, players don’t have a grappling hook, they can go to the hangar to the east, use the metal supports to onto the lower roof of the building and then leap across until they reach the target hangar.

Jumps can be tricky here so patience is advised since there is no timer. Rai’s men guard the hangar so decent ranged weapons are the best option here especially since the enemies have guns.

After killing the guards, players need to make their way down to the train cars and then move car to car opening doors to check for Zinc. Having acquired zinc, players need to use the doors or the walkways to get to the side rooms of the warehouse to gather the Turpentine.

Having gotten both these items, they can return to Zaid for the reward.

Gas Mask Man
Location: Musa, Fisherman’s Wharf
Rewards: 5,000 Survivor XP and Warmaster

Musa is the gate guard who provides this quest. Players have to find a man wearing a Gas Mask and causing trouble through the area. Players need to reach the waypoint and search a large building for a garage.

Once inside the garage, its occupant will task the players with finding a bag of ‘treasure’ from a lake nearby. This quest is best done during the daytime so that visibility under water is better.

As players approach the marked area, they need to look for an Oar sticking out from the dirt. The oar is right next to the bag of loot which the players can take and then deliver to the Gas Mask Man.

The man provides players with information which they need to deliver to the village gate guard and then search the house of Gursel where they can find a gas mask inside a basin in his kitchen.

Talking to Gurself after finding the mask ends the quest but players need to return to Musa for the reward.

Gassed Up
Location: Radio Call
Rewards: 5,000 Survivor XP

After completing A Pact With Rais, a radio call informs players that the gas has gone out in the Tower once you reach the area. This starts the quest, and players have to find Jeff’s fortress near the train station on the far-right side of the map.

Jeff is on the second floor in a blue building with stone wall around it and communicates through a partially boarded up window. After talking to Jeff, players have to activate three nearby valves to start up the gas: One in a tunnel, one under an overpass and third by the bridge.

For the bridge valve, players have to first get onto the bridge and then drop inside it. A large infected stands next to the valve in a fenced area so players need to kill him first by constantly dodging and attacking before they can open the valve.

The valve in the tunnel is easy to reach but is surrounded by a lot of infected so a strong melee weapon is highly useful here. Once the infected are dead, players can open the valve without interruption and head over to the final valve by the overpass.

Grenades are useful to clear out the zombies near the overpass valve after which it should be easy to open up.

Once all three valves are dealt with, players need to head towards the primary distribution valve but instead of entering the compound through the main entrance or the roof, players should go around the street to the other side of the facility and enter through a large storm drain.

Having killed the infected there, they can turn on the valve and rush out of the area.

Once out of the facility, players need to run to the next waypoint and shut off the gas at three more valves by simply following the blue pipes. Once all valves are closed, players need to return to Jeff to finish the quest.

Goodnight Mr. Bahir
Location: Upper Tower, Hallway
Rewards: 3,500 Survivor XP and $697

After completing First Assignment, when players are back in the Tower, they will see a lot of people standing outside Room 202 banging on the door. They ask players to pick the lock of the door and check on the resident, Bahir.

Once inside, players will talk to Bahir and then take a bottle of phoney drugs to Lena in sickbay. Having talked to Lena, players need to find the distributor of the drugs, Yusuf, who is on the Tower roof.

After confronting Yusuf, players will be directed to a drugstore and a guy named Bento who sells these fake drugs. Things turn sideways when players talk to Bento resulting in him and several other survivors nearby attacking the player.

A good melee weapon is very useful here as well as a few medkits so players need to make sure they go in prepared. After killing all the enemies, players will make a radio call and complete the quest.

Location: Dawud, Upper Tower
Rewards: 3,500 Survivor XP

Players need to give Dawud a gun to complete this quest. The farther they scavenge from the Tower; the higher will be the chances of finding one.

Large vehicles and chests are usually more rewarding and locked chests have good weapons in them so lockpicks are really useful here. Having acquired a firearm, players need to give it to Dawud after which he hands the players the key to his Pawn Shop but also asks them to bring him an action figure.

Players need to head to the Pawn Shop inside a garage at street level and can loot everything inside it including weapons, supplies and cash. The Action Figure which Dawud asked for will also be inside it so players need to pick that up as well and return to the Tower and talk to Salma there.

Later in the story, players get a call over the radio when they are in Old Town. This starts the Lost in Space quest. The quest is triggered by searching through the southwest part of Old Town.

After getting the quest, players need to head towards the way point, enter the building from an upper floor entrance and talk to Dawud. After killing any infected present in the area, players have to search the back rooms for a wardrobe where Sammy is hiding. Talking to Sammy ends the quest line.

Rupert the Gunsmith
Location: The University
Rewards: 5,000 Survivor XP

Fidan in the Old Town university library offers this quest and will inform players of a skilled gunsmith in the area. A penthouse apartment on the northeaster side of the town is here Rupert is located.

Players have to climb up and then start searching from there until they meet Rupert downstairs, in a day-care center.

Health Potion
Location: Rupert, Magic Fortress Safe Zone
Rewards: 10,000 Survivor XP

After talking to Rupert in the safe zone which is in the eastern side of the town, players need to find insulin for a kid. There are a couple of pharmacies in the area, and players have the highest chance of finding insulin in one of them.

The southern pharmacy is being protected by Rais’ men so players need to take them out from a distance or lure zombies to them using firecrackers.

Once everyone is dead, players can head inside after picking the lock and search the area. The northern pharmacy while easy to access, has an alarm inside it which players need to quickly turn off as the enter through the metal shutter.

The alarm is in the second room, on the left side. After searching through the pharmacy, players will call Troy and then access a computer for next area to search. After getting the new location, they have to proceed south and then go to street level to enter the building.

The building has a lot of enemies inside so players need to be extremely cautious and silent when searching. After searching the kitchen, players can leave the apartment and head over to a marked pizzeria.

Having killed all the infected inside, the insulin can be looted from one of the dead bodies, and players can return to Rupert to end the quest.

Incense Herbs
Location: Job Board in the Tower
Rewards: 3,500 Survivor XP and Natural Medkit Blueprint

This quest is available at any time from the job board when players are early in the game. They need to collect 12 Lavender plants to complete it, and they aren’t easy to find. The best area to search for them is on the east side of the map near the water.

Night Sense is really helpful here to mark the plants that can be harvested from among all the other vegetation.

Jealous Runner
Location: Volcan, Southwest safe zone
Rewards: 1,000 Agility XP

After taking up the challenge from Volcan, players need to run through a number of way points before the time runs out without using their grappling hook. The running is fairly straight forward, there aren’t any 180 degree turns so players can simply keep on sprinting ahead.

Vault and Forward Roll skills are very useful in avoiding zombies.

Killing Guide
Location: Buckshot, Lower Tower Store
Rewards: 2,500 Power XP

This challenge is available from Buckshot after completing the main mission The Pit. The first challenge involves players killing 40 infected with a Baseball Bat. This should be fairly simple since the streets around the Tower are filled with them.

The second challenge involves killing infected with Throwing Stars. Players need to just aim for their heads and keep on throwing rapidly without worrying about ammunition.

If players run out of Biters to kill, it’s best to leave the area in search for more instead of taking on bigger targets such as Toads. Having killed the required amount, players can return to Buckshot for the reward.

Legless Spider
Location: Spider, on top of a building in Old Town
Rewards: 10,000 Survivor XP and $1,500. 15,000 Survivor XP and $1,500 from second mission

This quest appears while players are on Public Face mission. After taking the quest, players have to look for three Shisha parts to the northeast, on the far end of Old Town.

The most eastern waypoint is in a store at ground level, and all three parts can be looted from there but there are a few heavy infected in the area so players need to be careful.

After taking the parts, players need to deliver them to a man named David, whose apartment is surrounded by Rais’ men so it’s best to bring ranged weapons for this.

After breaking into David’s apartment, players will encounter more thugs. They can be lured towards the door so players can fight them one by one for easy kills.

After all the enemies are dead, players can untie David and receive their reward from him as well as unlock a new Safe Zone. Talking to David again starts up another mission, Hell From Above.

The mission will have players looking for Meteorite samples around town. Players are to go north and look around a small lake. Samples won’t be visible at first, which is why players need to turn on a generator near the water’s edge.

The generator is surrounded by infected and its best to lure them away instead of fighting. Having collected all the samples, players can return to David for the reward.

Lighter Gas
Location: Job Board in the Tower
Rewards: 2,500 Survivor XP + Grill’em and Kill’em Blueprint

Toygar needs five units of Lighter Gas, which is actually pretty rare. There isn’t any special place to look for them so players can just go about their usual business and return to Toygar once they have the items.

Midnight Bride
Location: Harbor Area Job Board
Rewards: 2,500 Survivor XP and $1,000

After taking the quest, players need to head towards the western part of the map in evening hours. The plant is pretty easy to find with its purplish glow, but players need to make sure they don’t use their flashlights here.

After collecting five herbs, they need to quickly return to Gursel for the reward since its almost night time so it’s best not to engage the zombies.

Mothers Day
Location: Lena, outside Brecken’s Room
Rewards: 3,500 Survivor XP and $697

Lena offers this quest once players complete First Assignment and talk to Jade and Brecken. Players have to find some anti-seizure medicines, and a guy named Gazi has them.

Gazi’s place is located in the northeastern part of town, through a dark tunnel. Gazi’s place is behind a fence so even if players are being chased, they can stop worrying once they climb over.

There are three houses to knock on, and Gazi is in one of them. After talking to Gazi, players have to find a videotape and some chocolates. Way points are given on the map so finding shouldn’t be a problem at all once players go back through the tunnel to the main part of town.

The video store has a few Hazmat suit zombies around it and the back entrance is locked from inside so players have to go through the main one. As soon as they enter, an alarm is tripped so they have to hurry and find the videotape, which is in the C section.

The sweet shop is safe, players have to just pick a lock at the entrance and then go in for the chocolates. After collecting both items, players can return to Gazi and give him the items. He still doesn’t let them in so the only way to enter now is through the roof.

The roof of the adjacent house can be used to climb up to Gazi’s roof and then take the stairs down to the living room where Gazi is sitting. The house also has a Note and a Statue, so after collecting these two and the seizure medicines, players can return to Lena on the Tower for their reward.

O Brother Where Art Thou?
Location: Osman, underground far north of Tower
Rewards: 5,000 Survivor XP and $1,000

Osman will ask players to find his brother, so they have to head south to the market after leaving the underground area. Heading inside the marked building, they will hear some cries and will have to pick the lock of the door on the left.

An entrance to a ventilation duct is up on the ceiling and can be used to go deeper into the building.

Going through the ducts to the end will drop players into a warehouse where a Bomber might be waiting to explode and should be avoided. The explosion results in a large wave of Virals to rush in and attack, so they need to be killed before players can resume their search.

A door to a small room will lead the players to Osman’s brother after which they can leave the area and head towards Osman’s tunnels. It’s a good idea to bring explosives or guns here since the tunnels are now crawling with Rais’ men.

Having killed them all, players can talk to Osman to finish the quest and get their reward.

Poisonous Herbs
Location: Job Board, Harbor Area
Rewards: 2,500 Survivor XP and $1,000

After taking the quest from the job board, players need to head to a stream in the gully marked on their map. Traveling specifically to that area would be a huge waste of time so it’s better to do this quest when players are already in the vicinity.

When players are in the gully, they need to run along the waterline in search of purple plants, the Wolf’s Bane that Musa needs. Players can easily gather the required amount by running from one end of the stream to the other and then return to Musa for the reward.

Spare Glasses
Location: Job Board in the Tower
Rewards: 3,500 Survivor XP and $1,000

After taking the quest, players have to talk to Khaliq in the Tower to find the location of his apartment on Ivy Road. Players need to climb to the roof of the building once they reach the marked area and then drop in through a hole to search the interior.

The glasses are in a satchel on the middle floor; Night Sense can be useful in locating them, especially since they are between a chair and an armoire. After finding the glasses, players also need a book which is on the ground floor.

A back room on the ground floor is filled with books, and the one which the players need it is next to a collapsed bookcase. After collecting the required items, players can return to Khaliq for reward.

The Prodigal Son
Location: Alexei on an Antenna in the Slums
Rewards: 5,000 Survivor XP and Zombie Classic Mod Blueprint

After turning on the Antenna for Rais, players can talk to Alexei on the same tower and start searching for his son. After getting the quest, they need to return to the Tower and talk to Ayo on the upper floors for information about Kristov.

After leaving the Tower and going to the skyscraper where Kristov is supposed to be, players get a call from Kristov, and they need to head towards an inn where he is waiting for them.

Once inside the compound, players need to quickly close the gate so that apart from the enemies already in the area, no other reinforcements arrive.

Having killed the Biters, a Toad and a Goon inside the area, players need to break through a window and enter the building from the left side to turn on the breaker in there to make the area a safe zone.

Kristov would be waiting outside in a bus and after talking to him, players can return to Alexei to finish the quest.

Total Security
Location: Jaffar, safe zone west of the Tower
Rewards: 7,500 Survivor XP and $1,000

Jaffar directs players to an ex-security expert for the Tower who needs help. Players need to head to the far northwest part of the map to find the marked building which is heavily trapped so shutting down the power first is highly advised.

The three generators are located around the perimeter and one of them has a dead infected next to it who can be looted for some keys. The keys can be used to unlock a room at the roof of the building.

Another body near that room has a phone next to it which the players can pick up to finish the quest.

Tunnel Vision
Location: Tower, bottom floor
Rewards: 5,000 Survivor XP and 41,000

A guard at the bottom of the tower offers this mission after completing A Pact with Rais. Players need to head to a house with red smoke coming out of it. The house is past the tunnel on the southwest side of the map.

Players can climb over the fence and knock at the door to receive their next objective. After leaving the house, they need to head to the main area of the Slums and find Aziiz near the Bazaar safe zone.

After talking to Aziz, they need to head west and look for a white car that’s crashed inside a tunnel. The car isn’t marked, but players can easily find it by looking for a Goon that stands guarding it.

After killing the Goon and looting the car, players need to head to the Tower and talk to Aman on the upper floor. After receiving the items from Aman, players can go back to the house with the red smoke where a few thugs will now be gathered.

Killing them can be a bit challenging so players need to bring firearms or good-quality melee weapons. After killing them all, they can give Ryan the items at the house and finish the quest.