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Dying Light Escorts Side Quests Guide

Escorts are a chain of different side-quests in TechLand’s Dying Light. These side-quests essentially require you to find someone in need of an escort, get them to their desired location safely, and keep them away from any sort of harm.

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Dying Light Escorts Side Quests

There are a total of 5 Escort Missions in the game and all of them are found in Slums (near the Tower). Following is a quick overview of all Escort Missions that you will find in Dying Light with a brief walkthrough on how to complete them:

How to Unlock: Just before leaving for Old Town from Slums
Where to Find: Slums

Nick Pesto
Reward: Badass Blueprint

This American wants to be escorted back to the Tower. Once you get to Rais’ men, use Firecrackers to divert their attention and perform stealth kills. In order to retrieve his passport, Nick will take you inside a building.

A few weak enemies will attack you on your way and with Nick’s good-for-nothing fighting skills; you will have to take them out on your own. Once you get to the Tower, you will have to defeat a Goon wielding a Rebar.

Do not stay in one position and always be on the move while delivering a couple of hits every now and then. With the Goon dead, the side-quest will complete.

The Salesman
Reward: Fire Launcher Blueprint

Faruk can be found sitting on a bench near the Tower in Slums. Once the side-quest begins, stick to him as he takes his sales calls. You will have to protect him from some Biter attacks, but it is nothing you cannot handle.

During the second half of the mission, you will run into a couple of Rais’ men or something more dangerous. I would recommend keeping a strong melee weapon or an Assault Rifle before engaging the foes. Once you get back to the Tower, the side-quest will end.

A Werewolf
Reward: Holy Ghost Blueprint

Babar can be found near the warehouses in the heart of Slums. He will ask you to help him salvage ingredients to concoct a potion which will fix his werewolf problem. You will need to head towards the market and gather ingredients before heading back to the Tower.

You will encounter a Goon while on your way back to the Tower, but if you can handle it, there are no more serious threats during the whole mission.

Poaching from Rais
Reward: Puff Puff Pass Blueprint

You will come across a former member of Rais’ army near the southwest edge of the Tower (A guy named Ahmet hiding in a small blue building). You will have to escort Ahmet to a stash and will encounter a few Biters on your way. When you come near the railway, you will come across some of Rais’ men.

At this point, it is a good idea to have a range weapon (an Assault Rifle or a Pistol). With these weapons, you will be able to take them out from far away. If you do not have a ranged weapon, start off by killing the guy on the roof before moving to men below.

Near the very end, you will also come across Biters and a Goon coupled with several weak foes. Once you have returned to the Tower, the side-quest will end.

Reward: GTFO Blueprint

You will find Omar the Fisherman standing outside the Tower. He will require a few items and you will encounter Virals, Toads, a Goon, and a whole lot of Biters on your way. The biggest threat, however, of this side-quest lies on the bridge, in the form of a Goon.

Shoot the explosive barrel before things go wayward and get Omar to his favorite fishing spot to complete the last of the Escorts.

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