BioShock Creator Ken Levine’s New Project is a First-Person Sci-Fi Game

In a series of tweets, BioShock creator Ken Levine has offered more information about his new project.

The game still remains untitled but has been revealed to be a first-person “sci-fi or sci-fi ish” title with a large scope. When asked about how far the development has come along, Levine replied: “Stuff in engine. Very rudimentary gameplay. Concept art.

Passion system in code. A working board game to demonstrate passions.” Players will be able to design their own characters and experience a flexible narrative system. According to the developer, this, along with other elements, will provide a huge amount of replay value.

Irrational Games was shut down by Levine following the release of the last DLC pack for BioShock Infinite. Rights of the franchise were passed over to the series’ publisher 2K Games.

It’s unknown as to when 2K will bank on those rights and come out with a new BioShock title. Considering how it is knee deep in other projects, there will be a good amount of wait until fans can hear about their favorite series again.

Ken Levine’s mysterious project is in development for the PC and currently has no release window. The studio still has no name but comprises of fifteen developers, all from Irrational.

Source: Twitter