Bandai Namco Announces Three New Games in Collaboration With UIG

Three new games have been announced by Namco Bandai in collaboration with UIG Entertainment. The publisher revealed yesterday that these titles are heading to consoles and PC.

Namco had the following to say regarding this collaboration and the games to come:

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with UIG Entertainment on these three exciting titles, including Professional Lumberjack 2015 and 2016 from the popular video game series, and Professional Farming 2016, the New Farm Simulator” said Alberto González Lorca, VP Third Parties, BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe.”

First on the list is Professional Lumberjack 2015 and as the name suggests, will let you simulate life as a lumberjack. The game will release on said platforms sometime this year. The next installment in the Lumberjack franchise will be released in 2016. How will it differ from this year’s installment is unclear at this point.

Lumberjack games will be played in first and third person modes. You’ll duties include chopping down trees in the jungle, preparing timber and then “driving the haul back to town.”

If for some reason you wanted to pursue life as a farmer, then you’re in luck. Namco and UIG have also announced Professional Farmer 2016 and although it’s obvious from its name but still, let me tell you that the game is coming out in 2016.

Playing as a farmer, you’ll be in charge of “a huge fleet of vehicles and machinery.” Your farm will be located in a lush countryside where you’ll have to deal with “forces of nature and respond accordingly to perfect the yield from fields, care for the animals, and expand your farm.”.

These games may not be mainstream but such games do have a cult following and fans will be pretty excited to hear about the announcements.