Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Outbreak Mystery Box and Upgrades Locations

Having a good weapon is they to survival against hordes of zombies in Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies mode. Mystery Boxes in the game provide players with random weapons and Pack-a-Punch Upgrade locations can upgrade the player’s weapons for better functionality.

Finding the Pack-a-Punch locations can be very easy since they are always in the same place. Upgrading a weapon costs 2,500 credits irrespective of whichever of the two upgrade locations players use.

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The Mystery Boxes have random spawn locations, out of a total of five possible ones. While the first location is almost always the same, the other ones can be in a different place every time.

Outbreak Mystery Box Spawn Locations

Thankfully, there are interactive maps on the walls which highlight the current location of a mystery box.

To initially acquire a weapon from the mystery box (costs 1,000 Credits) there is one spawn point which as mentioned above is almost always the first one. What players need to do is as soon as they spawn, go to the main hub by immediately turning left from their spawn location.

Inside the main hub, they need to turn right and proceed to Hallway A. As soon as they cross the hallway door, they can see the mystery box on the left side wall next to a yellow colored “NO PARKING IN THIS AREA” sign.

The easy to reach upgrade station is somewhat near the initial spawn area. Instead of going left through the first door, players need to follow the power line through the decontamination chamber and then turn right.

Proceeding forward, the upgrade station will be on the left wall as soon as players cross the first double doors. The second Pack-a-Punch upgrade station, while not really difficult to reach, can be risky since it’s in a tight corridor and players can easily get ambushed by zombies.

To reach this upgrade station, players need to head to the main hub and turn left into Hallway B.

The upgrade station is in the first room on the right but since the room is small, and the hallway is also narrow; it’s almost inevitable that players will get damaged by zombies while upgrading from this station.

You can watch this video run to get an idea of all these spawn points:

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