Yakuza 0: Walkthrough Video Showcases Chapter One of Kiryu’s Story

The latest gameplay video for Yakuza 0 features a walkthrough session from the beginning of the game’s first chapter, showcasing the story of Kazuma Kiryu.

There are only two playable characters in Yakuza 0. Seeing that this week we have received a walkthrough of Kiryu’s chapter, it’s most likely that we’ll be treated to a similar video in the coming weeks to showcase Majima Goro’s side of things.

Last week, Sega released a video featuring the game’s producer Masayoshi Yokoyama who introduced the PS Vita companion app for Yakuza 0.

The app will release in Japan ahead of the game’s release on February 26. Those who download it off the region’s PlayStation Store will get access to mini-games and profits earned from those will be added to the game’s PS3/PS4 version upon release.

Sega has also announced a limited edition of a Yakuza 0-themed PlayStation Vita, as well as a PlayStation TV edition. Both will only be available in Japan with no impending releases in the west. The game will not be arriving on Sony’s handheld.

Yakuza 0 is coming to PS3 and PS4 on March 12 and will only be released in Japan.