Resident Evil Revelations 2: Capcom Outlines the Raid Mode

The first episode of Resident Evil Revelations is not too far away from release. Long time fans are especially excited for it as it takes the franchise back to its survival horror roots. However, the shooter elements from RE5 and RE6 aren’t completely removed from the upcoming game.

The shooter elements are included in the game via the Raid Mode. Which is a run-n-gun mode separate from the main storyline. There are 54 raid missions in first episode played on a number of maps.

That’s not all, episode 2 and 3 will feature 36 raid missions each. While the fourth episode is going to have 86. Looks like players will be busy for a while with Resident Evil Revelations 2.

All available missions will have different difficulty options as well. Raid mode will only feature solo or local co-op but Capcom plans to add online play sometime after the release of the last episode in March.

According to Capcom there are plenty of new additions in the Raid mode:

“..In addition to maps pulled not just from RER2 but also RER1 and RE6, Raid Mode also features numerous new weapons, custom parts for said weapons and four times as many character skills as before. You’ll be able to unlock additional passive and active skills in a way that’ll make your character unique. For example, you may unlock certain skills or attributes for Claire that a friend may not, and while you’ll both be playing as Claire, the experience will be different.”

As for the amount of playable characters, there are a total of 15. Each episode you buy will add more to the game’s roster. At the beginning you’ll only have Barry, Moira Clair and Gina.

The first episode is going to be released on February 24 for $5.99 or you can pick up the whole season for $24.99. For more details, visit Capcom.