Raven’s Cry Delayed Again, Will be Available on January 30th

Once again, the awaited Raven’s Cry has been delayed. The title was announced back in 2011, and have since been delayed on more than one occasion.

Previously, it was delayed back in December, when the developers announced via Steam that they need more time and are not looking rush the product. The title was revealed 4 years ago, so certainly they are in no rush!

Thankfully, this time around the delay only pushes Raven’s Cry 4 days past the expected release day. The game will now be released on January 30th. According to the developers, they wanted to implement some community requested features which became the reason for the latest push.

Raven’s Cry portrays a dark and twisted world of the pirates during the 17th century.  Unlike some other games, this one won’t portray pirates as playful and funny. They are cold blooded killers and will do anything for a score.

The RPG adventure game features intense naval battles and thrilling fast-paced sword fights. The announcement of this game had the fans highly excited but over the past years, to me, it became the next Last Guardian. It seemed it will never come out but hopes were high when a 2014 release was shared.

Later the game was delayed to 26 Jan. 2015 and now pushed back to 30th Jan. If it manages to make it to the market on this date, then Raven’s Cry can be bought for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PC.

Do you think Raven’s Cry can make it on 30th January? Share your views in the comments.