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Pokken Tournament Gets Amzing New Screenshots

We have been hearing of the collaboration between Bandai Namco Games and The Pokemon Company for a while now. I am sure you will all be excited after watching the reveal video that was shared by the publishers back in August when they revealed Pokken Tournament.

It has been months since that time, and naturally all the fans of Pokemon and (most probably) Tekken will want to know more about the fighting game.

This is why the developers have started sharing more details, videos and now screenshots for the game. There is a new post on 4Gamer where a host of new images have been shared.

You can see fighting sequences as well as full size images of some of the alread announced and new characters that are going to be featured in the game like Lucario, Sirnight, Pikachu, Kairiky and many others.

For those of you who have not been in touch with the news lately, Pokken Tournament is an arcade based fighting game that was announced back in August 2014.

So far, the publishers have only announced a Japanese release, but we reported recently that Katsuhiro Harada was interested in an international release; the issue is still under consideration.

Other than this, developers had recently released the first gameplay video of Pokken Tournament where Pikachu, Gardevoir, and Suicune were shown in action. As far as the screenshots are concerned, check them out below and tell us what you think of the game.

Pokken Tournament will be making its way to an arcade near you this year.