No Borderlands 3 at PAX South? Let’s Discuss Battleborn

Fans were expecting something to be shared regarding the next Borderlands game at PAX South. Gearbox teased the game which I believe was just to get some attention for their panel at PAX for Battleborn.

According to the developers of the critically acclaimed franchise, there is nothing to share regarding the next Borderlands. All of of their focus is on the development of Battleborn. On one hand that’s a bit disappointing but on the other, it seems Battleborn will surely make up for it.

Battleborn is a character driven game that will have a deep story and every character will have an integral role to play.

According to some details shared about the story, “there is only one star left burning and that’s ‘solace.” Characters and factions in the game are fighting for their “supremacy” over this star.

All the other stars are dead and Solace is the last one standing, but not for long. The end is inevitable and every character will have his own take and emotions related to the end of it all. Some will try to figure out a way to save the last star while others have made peace with eventual end of the universe.

In addition, Battleborn is going to have a 5v5 competitive multiplayer with multiple game modes. More information on these modes will be shared later on.

Gearbox is calling it a “hero shooter” which will be played in first person mode. However, most of the action will go down with melee weapons and magical powers, so the term “shooter” doesn’t exactly fit here. That doesn’t mean that the game doesn’t include guns, it does, but they are not the main focus (for now it seems that way atleast).

Battleborn will also feature 5 cooperative missions. For more on that, check out Gearbox’s PAX South Panel footage here.