New Nintendo 3DS Might be Able to Stream Wii U Games

Full specifications of New Nintendo 3DS have been brought online courtesy of 3D Brew. Just after seeing these specifications, the hackers have started to theorize that NN3DS might be able to stream Wii U games.

The folks at player essence explain how the streaming would be possible on the New Nintendo 3DS

So hackers were able to find out more about hardware of New Nintendo 3DS and they confirmed what they suspected, N3DS as a video decoder which supports same H264 video format which is used for Wii U for streaming to gamepad and in N3DS is used for viewing videos in HTML5.

I suspect that Nintendo might in future introduce a feature to stream Wii U games to N3DS.

The news is quite good and I am sure Nintendo fans would love to have this feature available on NN3DS, but until an official announcement is made by Nintendo, this streaming of Wii U games should just be taken as a rumor.

Hopefully, we will get clarity on the situation sooner rather than later. New Nintendo 3DS will be hitting Europe and North America next month, so you can expect Nintendo to either confirm or deny this news in the coming days.

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