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Microsoft Sells 6.6 Million Xbox Units In Second Fiscal Quarter 2015 – Revenue Details Shared

Microsoft has revealed its financial details for the second fiscal quarter 2015, which ended on December 31 last year. The information revealed that the company made $26.5 billion in revenue, while the net income stands at $5.86 billion.

Compared to the same period last year, the company has seen an 8% increase in revenue but a 10% decrease in net income. The Surface department driven by Surface 3 has also gone up 24% and brought in $1.1 billion in revenue for the company.

In the midst of all these numbers, Microsoft shared the overall sales of Xbox units for the quarter ended December 31. According to the company both Xbox One and Xbox 360 combined sold 6.6 million units. Unfortunately, the tech giant never mentioned individual sales figures, so we don’t know how much each of these systems were sold.

Microsoft is catching up to Sony’s PlayStation 4 which has now sold 18.5 million units worldwide. The console was able to break PS4’s winning streak for the first in the US in November with 1.2 million sales. Xbox One sales were surely boosted by the recent price drop, and we know that Xbox 360 is quickly running towards the end of its life cycle.

Considering this, Xbox One sales should rise at a rapid pace in the coming months. However, will it be able to go past PlayStation 4 at some point? Or will it have to settle for second place this generation? Only time will tell how it all turns out.