Hyrule Warriors Sales Have Crossed One Million, Koei Tecmo Confirms

The last time we heard of Hyrule Warriors was in connection with the Majora’s Mask Pack which has surely hyped thing up a bit for the fans. It was reported that the DLC was going to add Young Link as well as Tingle to the game.

Now, we have a much bigger news – a milestone if I may. Koei Tecmo has announced that the game just enter the million club i.e. it has sold over one million copies worldwide!

We picked up the news through Siliconera where it has been confirmed that a major chunk of these sales is related to the United States. Remember how the game sold around 0.2 million copies in the US just in the release week? I am sure many more were sold after that.

Though it would have been great if the publishers shared some detailed statistics regarding the sales, sadly all they had to share with us was the “one million sold” achievement.

Another thing that must have collaborated in the sales was the Amiibo figurines that have sold wildly ever since Nintendo launched them. If you still haven’t bought any, check out this link to see what the Amiibo figures unlock in the game and then tell us if you will be buying any.

Hyrule Warriors has been developed by Omega Force and Team Ninja exclusively for Nintendo Wii U. The game was released in Japan on August 14, 2014; in the European Union on September 19; Australia on September 20 and finally in the North American region on September 26.