Guild Wars 2 Removing Current Trait Unlocking System

The current Trait unlocking system will be removed from Guild Wars 2 with the Heart of Thorns expansion, ArenaNet has announced.

Posting on the official forums today, Game director Colin Johanson wrote how the new expansion pack gave the team more creative freedom in light of the game’s future and core gameplay mechanics.

With the inclusions of specializations and account-wide masteries, the developer will be replacing the current trait system with a more simpler version “that supports where skills-traits-specializations are going in the future.”

More details on how this system will actually work have been promised to arrive when the release date of the expansion draws nearer. Those who already are fed up of the current trait system will be pretty happy with the news, while others will just have to adapt.

In the end, Johanson also stated that they will be “re-evaluating” the game’s other systems of character progression as well. He however didn’t offer more information on this.

Heart of Thorns is the most “detailed and dynamic environment” that ArenaNet has ever created. The expansion will not increase the level cap or add new tiers of gear. It instead will introduce masteries that can be earned by completing objectives. These can then be spent on objects like Hang-gliders to glide through zones, or unlock new areas.

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