Far Cry 4: Hurk Deluxe Co-Op DLC Pack Is Available Now

Far Cry 4 has been one of the better releases from Ubisoft this year, and it has been enjoying a lot of success. Just a few weeks back, the developers expanded the gameplay with the Escape from Durgesh Prison DLC and today, a new co-op pack called The Hurk Deluxe has been released.

Those of you, who have already dived into the game’s co-op mode will be quite familiar with Hurk. This time around, you will be accompanying him in five new missions, with each mission bringing its own unique challenge. There is an option for playing all these new missions alone but you will have to be extra careful.

If you already own the season pass for Far Cry 4, then you can get your hands on The Hurk Deluxe pack for free. However, those of you without season pass will have to purchase it from the store.

The season pass includes different packs, and as of now The Hurk Deluxe pack, The Syringe and Escape from Durgesh Prison has been made available.

The final two season pass DLCs called Overrun and Valley of the Yetis will make their way to Far Cry 4 in the near future.

Do try out this new DLC out and don’t forget to share your impressions with us in the comments section below!