Dragon’s Dogma Online Announced by Capcom

Great news for the fans of Dragon’s Dogma, a new installment has been officiated by Capcom! It is called Dragon’s Dogma Online, and while the reports on the matter are scarce, I am sure it going to keep you guys glued to the screens for more information.

This was not the first time we had heard of the game though; Capcom made it pretty obvious by ensuring they held the trademark for the name of the game in all the major territories.

Famitsu’s latest edition has an article dedicated to the game but that edition doesn’t come out until February 12; so we aren’t left with many details.

What we do know is that it might be an online-only action RPG. Apparently it revolves around Satoshi-sha, who is deprived of his heart by the dragon resulting in an epic adventure in the Guranshisu peninsula.

Multiple new features have been added to the game but the highlight of the matter is going to be the story as well as the adventure aspect of it.

We first heard of it back on December 5, 2014 when a trademark for Dragon’s Dogma Online was filed with the OHIM (Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market) in Europe.

That was not all, with the European market covered, the developers wanted to secure the North American and Japanese markets as well and so another trademark filing surfaced the internet on December 31, 2014. This time it was Japanese Trademarks Office and United States Patents and Trademarks Office they tapped into.

Is this what Capcom producer Jun Takeuchi was referring to when he said that their new title was going to “turn heads overseas?” It sure looks like!

Dragon’s Dogma Online is going to be released in Japan as well as the West but we don’t know the platforms or the release schedule yet.