The Division: Talents Scrapped, Skills and Skill Mods Revamped

A new video has made its way to the web that explains the skills and skill mods systems featured in The Division.

Coming through Arekkz Gaming on YouTube, The Division has seen to severe changes made to its skills and talents. To the point that the 2013 demo of the game is now ventured obsolete.

The following is the what is said to be the current version of the game. However, with still a year to go in the game’s release (provided there are no delays), we could end up with something fairly different again.

To start with, Ubisoft has scrapped the talents entirely. They were previously a way to upgrade your character and enhance skills to define your player according to your play style. It’s unknown if the developer plans to add it again in the future.

Players will be provided with slots to choose their skills on the fly. These can be used to either attack enemies or support team members. Similar to action bars found in most titles, you’ll be able to fit them around on the fly in accordance to your liking or situation.

The Division is now with a classless skill system where players can upgrade their characters without having to worry about weaponry, gadgets or skills that they would not have access to.

There are no limitations to the amount of skills you can obtain and level up. Players planning to invest enough time can ultimately obtain and upgrade all skills available.

The Skill Modding system gives each skills three tiers. Upgrading through each tier grants an added ability to the same skill. At this point it’s not known just how players will upgrade through the tiers.

Whether it will require gold, experience points or something else. Tier 1 upgrades increase the base value of skills. Tier 2 on the other hand alters the skill in some way.

The final Tier 3 improves the alternation even further. As an example you can start with a basic turret that shoots ordinary bullets. Upgrade that to throw incendiary ammo and then finally upgrade that into a full blown flamethrower.

The Division is in development for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, and is looking for a release late this year.