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CS:GO Cracks Down on Match Fixing; Bans in Place for Players

When you have the kind of a community that gamers do, things like match fixing is bat shit crazy. Why would you ruin all what’s good about the competitive gaming by doing something like that? Needless to say it dampens your own integrity as well.

Anyhow, it looks like CS:GO gamers have been having a go at it lately which, of course, didn’t sit well with Valve Corporation. The developers have banned certain players as well as the team founder from taking art in any event moving forward.

The ban was a reaction to multiple complaints that they received after a match in the Cevo Season 5 between iBUYPOWER and

Here’s what a post on the official Counter Strike Blog reads:

We can confirm, by investigating the historical activity of relevant accounts, that a substantial number of high valued items won from that match by Duc “cud” Pham were transferred ( via Derek “dboorn” Boorn ) to iBUYPOWER players and NetCodeGuides founder, Casey Foster. All together, the information we have collected and received makes us uncomfortable continuing any involvement with these individuals.

There are a total of seven CS:GO players who have been blacklisted:

  • Duc “cud” Pham
  • Derek “dboorn” Boorn
  • Casey Foster
  • Sam “Dazed” Marine
  • Braxton “swag” Pierce
  • Keven “AZK” Larivière
  • Joshua “Steel” Nissan

These guys are not going to be able to become a part of any event that Valve sponsors – not as gamers and not in any other capacity.

Valve ended the post with a warning to everyone related to the CS:GO competitive gaming scene that gambling, associating with gamblers, and/ or giving them information too help with bets was against the rules and so it should be avoided at all costs.