Cancelled Justice League Fighting Game Looks Great

If you are one of those diehard fans of DC Comics who don’t think that even after a fighting game as awesome as Injustice Gods Among Us, we still need more of the superheroes, this one is just for you.

We might have had another game based on a slightly different cast – Justice League!

Two new videos have surfaced online that show off just how great it would have been. You can see the first one above and the second one below.

The game was being developed by Double Helix games before it got canned for reasons unknown.

Before you dig into the videos, do remember that these are raw footages from the time when Xbox 360 was the bomb. Despite that, the Justice League did seem to have some limitations that you might not like. For instance, it had stages that were specific to characters like the Wayne Tower Station for the caped crusader.

It was set on a 3D plane as you can see from the first video that shows off Superman and Batman dueling for the win. The other video (below) shows Bane taking on Bizarro Superman.

Would you have liked it if this Justice League game made it to the markets?