The Witcher 3 New Screenshots Show off Geralt in Full Glory

Despite having seen Geralt of Trivia tons of times before, it is always a treat to watch our protagonist of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt on those mounts.

CD Projekt Red have put in a lot of work into the way he looks now and thanks to the latest generation we are going to be able to experience an even better visual experience this time around.

Apart from the many evidences that the developers have shared for that, we now have a handful of new screenshots that focus purely on Geralt.

There are eight of them in total. You will be able to see him taking on enemies that are twice the size of his horse, walking the streets while scarcely clothed ladies check him out and weighing a bag of coins with total swag.

Another screenshot features a combat scene where he is about to take on at least four enemies and then there is one that shows him talking to another character from the game.

You may check out all the screenshots in the gallery below.

If these do not satiate your love for the insanely popular game, there is a trailer that CDP Red had release couple of days back. It teases about the things that are about to come our way soon.

There also is another trailer that provides a sort of a recap while elaborating the plot of the game that is going to conclude the story of Geralt.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is being developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; and it will finally hit the shelves on May 19, 2015 all over the world.

Are you excited about the game? Oh and do you think it is going to do justice to the high expectations of the fans?