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Ubisoft Deleting Digital Copies of Far Cry 4 Purchased From Third Party Retailers

Ubisoft has started to delete copies of Far Cry 4 from uPlay, which are bought from third party digital retailers. Most of the affected consumers bought their digital copy from G2play and G2A.

The company is reportedly telling users to ask their retailers regarding the retraction of keys, as Ubisoft is not at fault.

The third party retailers in question also came under fire, when they were selling Surgeon Simulator keys without permission for a profit back in 2014.

Fingers have been raised before on G2Play and its methods of obtaining keys. However, their FAQ page stated that “all game codes/keys are picked up through major distributors, from their original retail boxes, and scanned up into our database.”

I don’t argue with Ubisoft’s move but why are the users suffering? Does Ubisoft have the right to take away someone’s ownership of a product they paid for?

It seems they do, as they feel keys of the games bought from such sources are illegitimate. I feel if Ubisoft have an issue with third party retailer mentioned above, they should take actions against them. Somehow it feels ¬†unfair to take away the right to play that game. It’s not piracy!

From what I understand, Ubisoft didn’t distribute keys to these retailers and want them to seek permission before reselling their keys.

Seems fair, but why take away the game from the user without even a warning? If I buy a smartphone and resell it at a profit without asking the company, will the manufacturing company take away the phone from its new owner?

Do you think Ubisoft is doing the right thing? Let us know of your take on the story in the comments.