The Order 1886 Install Size is 29.4 GB Without Patches

PlayStation Store has revealed the install size of Sony’s upcoming action game The Order 1886. The game take-up 29.4 GB of space in PS4’s Hard Drive.

That’s not a hefty size compared to some other PS4 games which can often take 40GB of space. However, this will be an issue, depending on how many games you have installed already on your 500GB HDD. The Order 1886 will need 29.4GB of space but only before patches and updates.

Depending on the size of various post-release updates, The Order 1886 could go over 35GB. So, for some of us, it might be time to upgrade our hard drive.

The game is now available for pre-order on Sony’s PlayStation Store. Like others, the game costs $59.99 and will have the option of pre-load but Sony is yet to revealed when we’ll be able to do that. Probably a couple of days before release.

Speaking of release, The Order 1886 is going to be available exclusively on the PlayStation 4 starting February 20. If you are planning to pre-order the game, you’ll receive the Knight’s Arsenal Pack. The contents include a couple of alternative outfits and two Industrial Revolution Inspired rifles.

The Order 1886 is also getting two special editions. One of which is the Collector’s Edition, which comes with the Knight’s Arsenal DLC, 7 ” Galahad Statue and some stickers. While the second, Premium Edition, comes with all the contents of the Collector’s Edition expect a different 13″ statue and a 22 page artbook.

For more details and prices of these special editions, visit Amazon or Gamestop.