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Tabata Wants Final Fantasy XV Release to be Simultaneous

I have always thought that games should be released worldwide at the same time, or at least at the same time in all the territories that the publishers wish for them to be released in.

We all know that doesn’t happen all the time; but it looks like Final Fantasy XV might just be one of the games that gets a simultaneous worldwide release.

This was iterated by none other than Hajime Tabata, the game director, who was recently talking to Mexican website LevelUp. It is really considerate of him to say that he doesn’t want some players to wait in the line while others get to try out the game they have been waiting on for so long:

I’d like to be able to do a worldwide release. We don’t want to impose any big delays to players from around the world, so I’m hoping that everyone will be able to play the same Final Fantasy XV together within as close of a time frame as possible.

However, the release date of Final Fantasy XV has not been confirmed by Square Enix yet. So even if Tabata has shared a good news, it will only start to matter once we know the release window.

Final Fantasy XV is going to get a demo in the form of Episode Duscae which is going to be released alongside Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Those of you who are purchasing the game will surely have their calendars marked for march 17 i.e. the release date.

That being said, the developers recently shared some new screenshots showing off some truly amazing visuals as well as combat sequences for Final Fantasy XV; you might want to check them out.