Sony Europe Files Trademark For Resistance Series

Remasters, reboots or next-gen sequels to previous-gen games have so far been the highlight of the current console generation. There is, however, one exclusive title that has been missing from these categories and Sony fans have been eagerly waiting for at least some hint of the Resistance series getting a remaster or a sequel on PS4.

Well, it seems that their prayers have been answered (this should still be taken with a grain of salt as nothing is confirmed yet). It turns out that Sony filed a new trademark for Resistance today. Now this could mean a new title (reboot) in the works or it could simply be to protect the original trademark which was filed around 8 years ago.

The trademark filed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s London offices covers the game software, merchandise such as figures and electronic games service provided via internet.

While the original Resistance was one of the launch titles of Sony’s PS3 and it did end up getting a couple of sequels and spin offs, near the end of previous generation, the franchise developed by Insomniac Games all but disappeared off the map.

Let’s hope the trademark filing does end up resulting in a reboot of the franchise for not only PS4 but also PS Vita (it desperately needs something refreshing).