Quantum Break Devs Used a Quantum Physicist, Had Sleepless Nights

It is always exciting to know more about a game that thinks a little out of the box, a game like Quantum Break. So when the developers shared some new details, we jumped on the opportunity to get you the interesting bits.

Sam Lake, the creative director of Quantum Break at Remedy Entertainment discussed some new aspects of the game development in an interview recently.

The first and the foremost was acknowledgement that this game is “the biggest thing [they’ve] ever worked on,” that they wish to develop in a such a way that it gives “the ultimate Remedy game experience.”

While he agrees that due to the concept of broken time, the game is bound to be a “mind bender,” they have had the help of a Quantum Physicist, a scientist consultant who is also a teacher at a university.

With the help of the physicist they were able to go through all of the “crazy ideas” that the developers had in their mind for the game. So ultimately what Lake is trying to say is that they have verified and tested the concepts that they are applying in light of modern day physics.

Not just that, the quantum physicist gave his input on the matter and they even had to go back to the drawing board to get things in line with what the scientific theories suggest regarding the concept of broken time.

Lake says that making a good action game in itself takes a lot of effort and Quantum Break has all that as well as this new idea that they have to wrap their heads around. They have had a lot of sleepless nights, he claims.

This game is going to be of a fairly healthy length which is why Remedy Entertainment is calling the release a Season One. In the end Lake confirmed that Quantum Break is going to make it to the shelves without breaking any time in 2015.

There also is some interesting gameplay to go with what Sam lake has to say, you may head here to watch.