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Planetside 2 Now Owns the World Record for Most Players in a First Person Shooter Battle

Video games and world records go hand-in-hand as these amazing works of art have gathered plenty of records over the years.

Video games are loved by millions and die hard fans often try to do something unique to let the world know of their love for video games.

Among some of the most popular video games of our time is Planetside 2. Over the weekend, Planetside 2’s community gathered to break the world record for most players in an fps battle.

Fans will be happy to know that the community has done it! The record now belongs to Planetside 2. This was made possible by 1,158 players who joined in to play and broke the record of 999 players in an fps battle. The record previously was held by Man vs Machine.

Planetside Battles was responsible for organising the event and they shared some facts about their achievement.

1: 53,729 kills
2: 3,822 team kills
3: 31 Bases Captured
4: 5,089 Vehicles Destroyed
5: 2,509 Air Vehicles Destroyed
6: Orion VS54 Top Weapon (3,382 kills)
7: Sunderer Top Vehicle (2,041 kills)
8: 2 Higby Killed by Knife

More information was also shared which can be seen by visiting the link given above. The link also features the known names of players who participated and helped made this happen. If you are one of the contributors but your name isn’t on the list, you can contact the officials here.

Planetside 2 is available for Windows PC and is currently in a closed beta on PlayStation 4.