Next Destiny DLC will not Repeat The Dark Below Mistakes

Like many of the Destiny fans, you would also be concerned with the progression system of the game and similar mistakes that Bungie has made with The Dark Below. However, the next Destiny DLC is not going to repeat the same mistakes!

Developers of Destiny are really considering the feedback that they have received from community regarding The Dark Below, specifically the reward economy (the loot system) of the pack and they are going to be more cautious about the upcoming Destiny DLC now.

Luke Smith of Bungie has clarified this recently by saying that “mistakes we made with the DLC1 reward economy will not be repeated.” He went on to say that “vendor gear invalidating the effort of VOG Raiders” and “upgrading an Exotic resetting its talents” were two example of the mistakes he was talking about. He added:

We will continue to improve acquisition stories and frequency (My understanding of the perception is that Crota’s End drop rates are much improved vs. Vault of Glass: footnote below), lessen the grind and get players to the fun parts of their arsenal faster.

While comparing the Vault of Glass raid with Crota’s End he added that the developers were going to increase the drop rates and “variability of perks that a given piece can roll” in order to allow dedicated players to reach level 32 sooner and in a easier way as compared to reaching level 30.

However, the Shard economy was not working the way it was intended to. According to Smith, Shards are a barrier to upgrades but moving into the future with the next Destiny DLC, they want less of the barriers so that you can equip upgrades better. There is a further clarification on this though:

We’re not intending to adjust the shard economy for this Tier — we don’t want to invalidate player effort (again). But removing the barrier between that new drop you’re excited to get and actually being able to equip it as a member of your arsenal are something we will do going forward.

What do you say?