MGS V Might Feature A Zombies Mode, Leaked PC Code Reveals

What if I told you that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain might feature zombies? Well, I am certainly not, but what if?

Yesterday, a Redditor DannyFilming shared a screenshot of a code from the PC version of MGS: Ground Zeroes that reads, Property Name=”isZombie”. Following its share over social media, people are considering it to be potential evidence, proving the existence of zombies in MGS V: The Phantom Pain.

There is no official statement from the Kojima Productions, but seeing the focus of the game, it seems highly unlikely. Then again, its Hideo Kojima we are talking about and everything is a possibility when it comes to this man.

Important: Open image in a New Tab for better viewing.

MGS V [Zombies]

One possible explanation is provided by ‘KillerEwok’ and ‘YouAreBritish’ who believe that “isZombie” seems like a Status Flag for idle NPCs until a scripted event occurs. Furthermore, the particular term is sometimes used by gamedev to indicate an object that has been marked as dead for deletion, but has not been deleted yet.

Or maybe Kojima is actually introducing zombies in MGS V: The Phantom Pain. They are pretty overrated in my opinion! What is your take on this?

In related MGS V: The Phantom Pain news, the game’s Producer Kenichiro Imaizumi has stated that players who are waiting for the game should be off to sleep as the game is not ready to be given a release date.