Killer Instinct Omen Trailer Teases Golem, New Season 2 Character

Microsoft really wants you to play Killer Instinct on your Xbox One. While the first season of the game didn’t really impress me as much as I wished it would, the Season 2 is getting closer to what is expected as developers reveal new characters regularly.

We had known about Omen, the fifth new character that is going to make its way to the game but now we can see him in action. Double Helix shared a new trailer recently showing off the eerie looking fighter in action.

However, that is not it. The video had a surprise for all of us in the shape of a teaser. Another character that is going to be playable with Killer Instinct Season 2 is Golem. The video above gives you a glimpse of this huge rocky character at around the one minute 45 second mark.

I am sure many of you are going to be stuck on the question whether it is a someone or a something; but regardless of that, Golem is a hulk of a man-of-stone and you can easily expect him to stomp over any of the other characters once the Season 2 kicks off.

Killer Instinct Season 2 was released on October 15, 2014 but we will be waiting for Double Helix to tell us when Golem is going to stomp its way to us.