Civilization V Mod Brings Custom Leader Henry Parkes to the Game

New Civilization V mod has been released by a team of modders in celebration of the Australia Day. Thanks to the mod, Civilization V has received its first custom 3D leader.

The said leader is Henry Parkes who will now lead the custom Australian Civilization. In the real world, Henry Parkes is considered as the father of the Australian Federation. The Times, described him as “the most commanding figure in Australian politics.”

Now he lives inside the virtual boundaries of Civilization V. Henry Parkes has his own animated model along with voice. There is a video posted above related to this mod, check it out!

The mod is named “[BNW] Australia Civilization – Colonialist Legacies” and interested players can get it from Steam Workshop. The mod is actually a part of modpack under the name “Colonialist Legacies: Histories of the New World Modpack” which also features some other popular civilizations such as Canada and Mexico.

According to the creator:

In this mod you’ll play as Henry Parkes – the father of Australian Federation and owner of quite frankly, a ravishing beard. His facial hair alone should be enough to warrant his inclusion in the base game!

The Steam Workshop page reveals the size of the modpack as 16MB and all instructions you need to make it work are also available on the page. The creator promises to release custom Civilizations of Libya, Malaysia, Nigeria and more soon.

Are you excited to play as Henry Parkes? Share your views in the comments.