Borderlands 3: Gearbox Want your Help Developing the Game

We are done with Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, well many of us are at least; and this means that the developers should also be the good guys they are and start working to bring us another one i.e. Borderlands 3!

Gearbox Software artists were talking about the games they have made and the game they are planning to make recently when president of the development studio Randy Pitchford came up with an offer for everyone who think they are good at game design.

When concept artist Amanda Christensen boasted of their diversity by saying that “it’s way more fun to design people from a wide spectrum than the same bro and hot chick over and over again,” Pitchford had job offers to make.

He says that if you are an industry badass, Gearbox Software is the place for you and Borderlands 3 (hopefully they will call it that instead of some other weirdo name) is the game you could be developing.

Here’s the full statement courtesy of Total Xbox:

We want to think about the future… what the next Borderlands game is. We want to get started soon, and we want some help. If you are awesome at something… if you think you’re better at some aspect of game design than even we are… we want you to help us. We want to have the best Borderlands team in the world, because we want to make the best game in the world.

We still don’t know anything about Borderlands 3, but one thing is certain from PAX South, the next Borderlands game is surely coming.

Will you be applying for a job at Gearbox? Pitchford has also left his email address in a tweet so that interested people can get in touch.