Batman Arkham Knight The Riddler’s Gambit Novel Listed on Amazon

Only a couple of days ago, we shared news with you regarding a novel based on the Arkham Knight episode in the Batman series. Now, it looks like there is not one but two tie-in novels.

The second novel is titled Batman Arkham Knight The Riddler’s Gambit and it has also been revealed through a listing on the online retail giant Amazon like The Official Novelization was.

From what we can see, The Riddler’s Gambit is actually going to make it into the market a month earlier than The Official Novelization. Amazon’s listing says that the release date of this one is going to be June 2, 2015 as compared to a July 7, 2015 release date of the other novel.

However, the author of Batman Arkham Knight The Riddler’s Gambit is still unknown although we know that veteran writer Marv Wolfman is the pen behind The Official Novelization.

Other than that, the price of both the novels is the same; they are going to cost you $7.99 each unless you are buying the Mass Market Paperback version which is going to be sold for a slightly lower price – $7.40 for The Riddler’s Gambit.

With that being said, you can now book your copies of the newly revealed novel as well by preordering it from Amazon. It is being published by Titan Books and consists of 320 pages.

Oh and by the way, did you notice that this latest novel is being released together with the batman Arkham Knight game?

The game is being developed for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.