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Hello Games Talks Gear Upgrades in No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky has so far been praised for its massive exploration elements.

The game offers an abundance of planets, where players can only explore some in their life time. Developer Hello Games has now provided more details into what players will actually be doing in the game when not discovering new worlds.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Managing Director Sean Murray started by mentioning how there are many different ways to approach No Man’s Sky.

Restricting himself to not reveal too much at this time, Murray stated that players will be busying themselves by upgrading their ships, improving its weapon capabilities, and upgrading their suits.

“And they need to do that because they’re very vulnerable,” he warned. Players will be attacked by AI and in case they are in the vicinity of other players, PvP scenarios can also take place which will be in the form of both “space combat and combat on the ground.”

On the question of multiplayer Murray said that the mode is there but “it’s not a big part of the game.” The game offers more than simply going after other human players. In fact it might be very rare for one player to come into contact with other human explorers while on his journey to the center of the galaxy.

Traveling further to the center allows players to upgrade their ships with even better gear. “You’ll need to do that to be able to travel further.” The closer you get to the center, the more dangers will arise.

In such regions, you’ll be able to find the “best weapons, best suit upgrades, and resources that are worth far more.”

No Man’s Sky is due for release on the PS4 first and will then follow on the PC.