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Final Fantasy XV Director Mentions What to Expect in the Demo

Director Hajime Tabata has given away more information in response to fans anxious to know what content they can expect in the upcoming Final Fantasy XV demo.

He first clarified that the portion featured in the demo will be a specific part of the final game where the party has no access to their car.

Taking away the mode of transport was deemed important so that players can get a feel for the battle system and exploration elements. Unfortunately some aspects of the battle system, such as magic and summons, are still in development and won’t be present in the demo.

While summons won’t be present now, Tabata expressed the importance of the role in the final game. They serve as “protectors of the planet” and have a vital role to play in the storyline.

There’s still a chance of the inclusion of airships in the demo, but from Tabata’s words it doesn’t seem likely due to technical difficulties.

He also compared the game’s new cove system with the mechanics of The 3rd Birthday, where quickly switching between characters and taking cover in battles is very important.

The demo will feature around two hours of content. Players can expect to explore a lot in this time and there will be plenty of monster battles. The main story will however be “masked” within the demo so as to prevent the final game from being spoiled for everyone.

The female mechanic Cidney will be present in the demo and according to Tabata, those who play will be able to confirm whether she’s the incarcation of “Cid.”

As for the game’s dungeons, each will convey a sense of “strangeness,” where “something that shouldn’t necessarily be there in real life is existing.”

Final Fantasy XV is in development for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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