Cloudgine’s Developer Shares New Details About CrackDown’s Cloud Capabilities

Microsoft is aiming to achieve something big with its upcoming Xbox One exclusive game Crackdown, through the power of the cloud. In this mission, the game will be working in tandem with the Cloudgine Engine, a technology that will help power the cloud-based features of CrackDown.

“Kampfheld,” a verified developer on the technology, has posted on NeoGAF to share some new details in that regard.

The Cloudgine Engine is not being developed exclusively for CrackDown, and future games that want to utilize the power of the cloud can do so through the same technology.

At the moment, the developer fears that the “power of the cloud” might not be able to deliver what they set ought to achieve in the beginning. However, he’s confident that they will be able to come out right from how the work is progressing.

In his explanation, he also noted that “your local gaming machines do not have enough calculation power to run our game engine.” So does that mean CrackDown will be an online only game? Kampfheld replied no, and that there will be a single-player mode available.

He finally revealed that Microsoft will showcase a small technical demo to display the capabilities of Cloudgine sometime later this year.

Source: NeoGaf