Trials Fusion Gets Online Multiplayer, New DLC Comes Next Week

Ubisoft have announced the inclusion of multiplayer in Trials Fusion, which is now available through a free update. Not only that, but the awaited Fire in the Deep DLC is dated as well.

The additional content pack in going to be available next week, starting January 27.

Fire in the Deep will be available as part of the season pass, or it can be bought separately for only $5. The price seems very reasonable considering the amount of content players are getting. Fire in the Deep will add five new trophies and achievements, 11 new tracks, 27 track challenges and a number of editor objects.

As for the multiplayer, the number of players in a single race is limited to four on the Xbox 360 version of the game. However, that number goes up to eight for players on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Ubisoft is introducing three online modes in Trials Fusion. The first one is Online X-Supercross, in which up to eight players face each other on three random tracks. At the end of the line, player who has the best score is named the winner.

Second on the list is a Private Game mode, which also supports up to eight players. Tracks are determined by the host along with other race parameters – such as bike speed and gravity. The host also has the option to change the controls to inverted.

Last but not the least, there’s another Private Game mode that will allow players to spectate.

Trials Fusion was released last year in April and it’s a shame it took Ubisoft almost ten months to add online multiplayer to such a popular game. Still, better late then never.